Elderly Life Insurance Over 80

Elderly Life Insurance Over 80

Many of you might be of the view that once a person exceeds 80, life insurance is out of its reach. There is good news, now that the insurers who offer elderly life insurance over 80 called the burial insurance. It is a permanent life insurance which means that it will never expire.

Elderly Life Insurance Over 80


There are different types of plan, just like you can either have to go on monthly premiums or else take a paid-up life insurance policy for a lower death benefit.

In case you go with monthly premium pay scheme, the premium will be constant for the entire period of the plan. This scheme is beneficial for the one who receives monthly fixed income. The price is determined considering the coverage you want to buy, the company you buy from and your age.

Elderly Life Insurance Over 80 to 90 Years Old Age

Today where all other schemes provide variable best old age life insurance, burial insurance over 85 being constant makes it easy for planning and budgeting. Here the death benefits are fairly modest which helps to keep the premiums affordable.

An important feature of burial insurance is that there is no medical test involved. Instead, the applicants are required to fill in some medical questionnaires. The medical exam takes longer time and is therefore quite irrelevant. But because of this feature, the death benefits amount to $25,000.

Term Insurance as compared to the Permanent Life Insurance.

If you choose to go with the term insurance, the maximum length of the guaranteed term life insurance is 10 years. On the other hand, Permanent Life Insurance is for a lifetime, till the person is living.

Single Premium Life Insurance Policy

It is yet another aarp life insurance policy that can be used for the elderly over 80. This premium enables the applicant to make one lump sum payment up front and a paid up life insurance policy starts building up cash value right away. But there are limits to the amount of money to be paid as against the death benefit amount. Or else the IRS considers it a Modified Endowment Contract where there are tax consequences that are subject to change with the course of time.

Also, there are 7 pay policies, where you pay the same premium for the seven years. Once it is done you have paid up life insurance over 55 no medical exam and you do not need to pay any more premiums.

Can pre-existing health problems create an issue?

One of the key points is to show that you have a physically fit and sound body. It is at this juncture that you will be eligible for a lower premium. However, in burial life insurance scheme even if you suffer from pre-existing health problems, you can apply for insurance.

Depending on the extent of the medical issue, the insurance policy shall be graded on a tier like a format known as the Graded Benefit Policy. In this plan, the policyholder will not get its full benefits if the person passes within a couple of years and the coverage amount increases over time. Once you think to apply for an elderly life insurance over 80, the graded policy is certainly the better option as no matter what the medical conditions are, the premiums will be issued on a guaranteed basis.

If you choose to apply for metlife elderly life insurance over 80, it is important to find an independent broker or agent who has been doing business for years. Elderly Life Insurance Over 80 to 85 Age Quotes No Exam Required.