HCC Life Insurance

Our Lives with the Introduction of HCC Life Insurance Company

The Tokio Marine HCC Life Insurance Company, or better known as HCC Life, has changed the lives of many people ever since it was founded by Stephen L Way in 1974. As they have rolled by through the journey of tremendous success and growth, HCC Life touches the hearts of even more.

Tokio Marine HCC Life Insurance Company.


The Tokio Marine HCC was introduced to the world at the age of 1974 and it has grown into a powerhouse of a company ever since. It flourished unbelievably and has become one of the leading companies in this market and holds a very strong position.

This life insurance for seniors over 85 company, which provides specialty insurance policies, has their headquarters in Houston, Texas. But over the years they have acquired offices throughout the world and cover a vast range, which includes throughout the United States, the UK, Ireland and Spain. They transact their business over more than 180 countries and their specialty unified life insurance policy groups come in a number as large as 100.

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85 to 90.

They have maintained an impeccable record of profit and growth through their services that are of the industry grade quality, through creativity, hard work, dedication and the constant want to serve more of those in need. This strongly capitalized company has undertaken risk management procedures, expansion of their business by being opportunistic and through a target acquisition.


FCC Life so far has as many as 100 life insurance for seniors over 75 to 88 policies underwritten. They cover the following five segments:-

  1. Accident & Health- The most popular insurance policies include the Medical Stop-Loss, the Short Term Insurance that is both domestic & International, Medical Excess insurance and others.
  2. Professional Liabilities– In the insurance of professional liability there are policies that cover financial products, officers and director liability, omissions liability, large errors and Fidelity liability insurance.
  3. S Casualty & Property– Insurances in this sector covers for the public entity, employment practices, residual, contingency, aviation, for disability, criminal justice, ransom and kidnap and much more.
  4. S Credits– This provides coverage for commercial, credit insurance, court bonds and contracts.
  5. International– Here the areas of energy, liability, treaty, surety, Marine Hull, commercial properties and more are covered which expands over 180 countries of this globe.

The First Line of Insurance

 The first step is always the most important and dear step for a unified life insurance company. For HCC Life, it was in the field of aviation. They had covered insurance policies in Aviation and it included aircraft insurance, corporate jets, war birds, hull, war, cargo, spares and much more.

Now, HCC Life insures more than 45,000 US aircraft and span across 60 nations worldwide. This was charted during the company’s foundation and was the first one.

One word for HCC Life- Impressive

As years go by and changes occur, HCC Life has continued to continually underwrite policies to provide coverage for as much of an expansion as possible. They have an impression performance and quality, to say the least. And they will continue to impress and help more visit to here Metlife life insurance quotes over 65 to 70 age.


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