Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

How Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Can Help You

Cheap life insurances however helpful they maybe can also be a very hectic and worrisome process to fulfill. You need to go through the rigorous checkups of your health and other aspects of your life, most of the times.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

But what if there was a simpler and easy way to life insurance than this?

If you are looking for a life insurance where your health does not make you a “high risk” candidate because you are above 50, then the Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is the right choice for you.

What is it you ask? Well, this is the simple and more affordable life insurance which was constructed to provide life insurance for over 80 in an easier manner.

Therefore, you need not worry about your expenses being covered in the event of your death like funeral costs, medical expenses or credit & debit card bills. If you want to leave something for your family and your loved ones, then you have got that covered with the help of this insurance system. Let’s discuss a bit more about it.

What is guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

In this life insurance policy, you do not have to go through the rigorous process of a health check up. Apply for it and your application will be accepted. Hence, if you cannot get term life coverage then this insurance policy caters to your needs.

Apart from this, here are some the most convenient and helpful aspects that are covered.

  • Acceptance Guarantee– Like the name, your acceptance is guaranteed in this policy. All you need to be is between ages 5-0 to 75.
  • Coverage that’s affordable– Unlike other insurance policies where the coverage costs might just be too heavy for your pocket, here it is not. The coverage ranges from $ 2,000 to $25, 000+. And the interest rates are not high either.
  • Death benefit– Probably one of the most important and helpful aspects that are part of this funeral insurance policy, the death benefit. Hence now you can rest assure that as long as you pay premiums your loved ones will stay protected once you meet with the event of death.

What this Insurance Policy checks?

If you are wondering what this old age insurance policy asks, then here is what you need to know. They will ask you the basic questions about your health, your conditions and the basic details of your life. That’s all. There is no exam in this case.

Factors to Be Aware of…

In the event that you are considering the guaranteed acceptance elderly people life insurance policy, there are certain aspects you need to know before considering this carefully. What are the limitations? Here are the limitations pointed out.

  • Premiums– Since the company does not do a check up and have no guarantee of a financial backup; they tend to cover the risks by charging expensive and high rated premiums.
  • Benefits that are Graded– At times, during this insurance policy there might be policies where the company won’t pay for your coverage within the first few years of your insurance if you die. Hence, the benefits are graded in this case.

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